Thoughtful gifts that show you care

A Gåva ([gaw-vah] n gift) can be valuable without being expensive - as long as it’s chosen with care and beautifully presented. Trust the Scandis to take everything back to design, hey? But it works. Even the simplest homemade treat feels like a luxury gift when it’s wrapped up beautifully.

Easter Äggs & Christmas Baubles by Gåva are the reusable baubles you fill with what you like. These unique gifts in Swedish designs are the perfect gift and can be filled with almost anything.

Enjoy your Gåva gifts!

What is a Swedish Easter Ägg?

Just like Christmas stockings, elaborately painted Easter Äggs are brought out and refilled year after year. 

In a typical Swedish household, every family member (including the dog!) has their own Ägg, in addition to communal Äggs dotted strategically around the house, close to comfortable chairs where someone might want to sit down and tuck into something sweet. 

But Easter Äggs, unlike their British counterparts, aren’t all about chocolate. They’re designed to hold all sorts of surprises, from jewellery and makeup to baked treats and homemade chocolates - even holidays (if you’ve got a voucher).